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Duel Album Deal - The Origin

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They're fighting fit, they're ready to punch a hole through your speaker, there's two of them!

It's The Duel Album Deal!!

Get Shao Dow's Kung Fu Hustler album AND his Cut The BullSpit album for a discounted price.

Available as either 2 physical CDs AND an MP3 download or an MP3 download only.

If you have selected the CDs. Both albums will be signed with the name of your choice and sent to you. A music download link will also be sent to your chosen email address.

If you have selected the MP3 downloads. A music download link will be sent to your chosen email address.


This deal includes

‚ĖľKung Fu Hustler Album - Tracklist

Release date : Oct. 21, 2013 

Label : DiY Gang Entertainment

  1. Kung Fu Hustler (Intro)
  2. Independent Power ft. Bartoven
  3. Y&P
  4. One Man Army
  5. Hustle Smart
  6. Liar
  7. Why My Brother?
  8. TTYL
  9. Can You Help Me?
  10. What That's Like ft. Sam Harrison
  11. Leap Of Faith
  12. The ShaoDow In A Box (skit)
  13. Shaolin Mode
  14. GAS MARK 10!!!
  15. I Does This ft. KK
  16. Stand and Deliver ft. Stylah & Smartz
  17. Biggest Threat ft. Zuby
  18. Assemble ft. Abiade, Rukus, Swami Baracus & Genesis Elijah
  19. Mile In My Shoes ft. Sam Harrison
  20. Bumper ft. Serocee
  21. Dreams Into Schemes ft. Mister Smith, MC Fixer & Adam Crook
‚óĄCut The BullSpit Album - Tracklist

Release date : Aug. 19, 2012 

Label : DiY Gang Entertainment

  1. Cut The BullSpit Intro
  2. Posh Boy
  3. BullSpit
  4. Ignant
  5. Actin' Up ft. Zuby
  6. Get Stronger ft. Ghetts (AK Remix)
  7. The BullSpit Cutter (skit)
  8. BullSpit Remix ft. Lady Marga & MC DT
  9. No Robot ft. Raxstar & Casso Blax
  10. Rolling Blackouts
  11. R U Really Stoopid!?! ft. Meet Me At Midnight & LeeN
  12. Get Stronger ft. Ghetts
  13. Minotaur Riddim (AK Remix)
  14. Get Stronger ft. Ghetts & Vader
  15. Mind Your Business
  16. BullSpit ft. Serocee
  17. 10 Thousand CDs (Outro)