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The Shao Dow In Your Ear

This is NOT a real product!

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As advertised by Buck Freedom our (Ex) DiY Gang Industries Representative.

A technologically advanced, discrete in ear device The Shao Dow In Your Ear allows Shao to give you real time dating and relationship advice anytime, anywhere day or night.

On a date? Advice!

It's her birthday? Advice!

She's mad at you?? Advice!!

It's sexy time? ... Actually. No he's saying he won't do that one.

In fact, he's saying he doesn't want to do any of this at all.

You know what, we'll have a chat with him, try to convince him.

In the meantime, you can purchase The Shao Dow In Your Ear for the ridiculously low price of £154,014.92 (plus postage and packaging).

We're practically giving them away!

So don't delay, if you need love in your life, then you need The ShaoDow In Your Ear. 

Unfortunately, due to high demand, us having to fire Buck and mostly because Shao Dow just really doesn't want to do this, The Shao Dow In Your Ear is currently unavailable.

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