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Meet The Characters

シャオ道。- The Way Of Shao Manga

Set in a world where musicians have special powers that grow as their fanbase increases, ShaoDow battles (both literally and figuratively) his way through the music industry as he tries to discover what it really means to live what you love.

The Japanese in the book's title reads Shao Dow and translates as The Way of Shao, clever right?


An ambitious and headstrong young artist with a huge love for music and an overwhelming drive to find his version of success.

Though his heart's in the right place he doesn't always make the best decisions. He also thinks he's a lot better at being sneaky than he actually is.

With The Vibe he can manifest his short range weapon The SoundBlade during Rap Battles. He might have a long range weapon too...
ShaoDow - The Way Of Shao Manga


Known to his friends, fans and groupies as Hom, a charismatic and powerful personality. He has recently found fame with his latest music releases.

Word is, his music has been having a negative influence on people, but that's not his business. Or is it?

With The Vibe he can use Posse Cut during Rap Battles in order to manifest clones that will do his bidding.
Homicyde - The Way Of Shao Manga


The first person to actively support ShaoDow's musical ambitions, he's also a big Homicyde fan and it's affecting him in a bad way.

Ethan - The Way Of Shao Manga


Homicyde's 'friend' and hype man on stage.

... Should probably stop talking.

Hypez - The Way Of Shao MangaIllustrations by the supremely talented Tonio Maicon. Story written by the comparatively less talented Shao Dow.

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