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Shao道 Black SnapBack

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Simple in colour but so very stylish in appearance, we call it Simplish.

...The name is a work in progress.

What is NOT a work in progress though is these high quality SnapBacks!

Featuring the classic Shao道 logo embroidered to perfection on the front and available in Black with size adjustable snapback, this cap is the perfect partner to any T Shirt, Jumper or Hoody.

(The 道 is the 'DO' (pronounced dow or dough) from the Japanese word 武士道  'BUSHIDO' (meaning The Way of the Warrior), it also roughly translates to 'Way', so this effectively says 'Shao Dow' or 'The Way of Shao'.)


- 100% Polyester

- Embroidered Design On The Front

- One Size Fits Most Heads