R U Stoopid!?! Single

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R U Stoopid!?! is a high energy song about dumb people doing dumb things.

People who should know better, who should think before they talk or act, but they don’t.

So the only sensible question to ask them is “R U Stoopid!?!”


R U Stoopid!?! The Single 

Release date : Jun. 01, 2010 

Label : DiY Gang Entertainment



  1. R U Stoopid!?! ft. LeeN
  2. R U Really Stoopid!?! ft. Meet Me At Midnight & LeeN
  3. R U Stoopid!?! Club Remix ft. LeeN & Serocee
  4. R U Stoopid!?! Dubstep Remix ft. LeeN



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