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BAKA 馬鹿 Single

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BAKA 馬鹿 means stupid, fool, idiot (depends on context) in Japanese and with a highly infectious chorus, this track will make you feel dumb for not furiously nodding your head to the beat.

Featuring TOPHAMHAT-KYO is a popular Japanese rapper from the group FAKETYPE(has previously written music for One Piece Film Red) and produced by The HeavyTrackerz,a super producer group from East London who've worked with artists including Stormzy, Big Narstie and Meridian Dan. 

Listen as Shao Dow mastefully flows over the beat whilst switching between English and Japanese. Don't forget to sing along!

The single features -

1) BAKA 馬鹿 ft. TOPHAMHAT-KYO (mp3)

2) BAKA 馬鹿 ft. TOPHAMHAT-KYO (High quality WAV)

Produced by The HeavyTrackerz

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Release date : 24th May 2024

Label : DiY Gang Entertainment