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Shao道 Keyring

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Are you passionate about locking and unlocking things?

Have you recently become a Keyblade master?

Do you have a worrying obsession with keyrings?

Well we have just the item for you!

In fact ... this is for everyone, ignore that other stuff before.

Made from high quality rubberised PVC, the 

Shao道 Keyring will instantly make your keys look more EPIC.

We've also been informed that it grants a passive Speed Buff, +4 Crits and +3 Charisma but we can't guarantee that.

(The 道 is the 'DO' (pronounced dow or dough) from the Japanese word 

武士道  'BUSHIDO' (meaning The Way of the Warrior), it also roughly translates to 'Way', so this effectively says 'Shao Dow' or 'The Way of Shao'.)


- Moulded Rubberised PVC Keyring

- Approximately 50mm