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Menacing Single

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Menacing is the song you play when you want to walk into a room on maximum energy and make people pass out or back away slowly.

After writing a song for the hyper popular game Fortnite and being referred to as a "Certified Anime Protagonist" in his interview with the world's biggest Anime streaming site Crunchy Roll, Shao Dow rumbles in with 'Menacing ft. Rustage'.

Produced by Nutty P and featuring Rustage, Menacing was inspired by the visual onomatopoeia like 'sound effects' used in manga comic books and has Shao flipping seamlessly between English and Japanese lyricism.

For a quick Japanese lesson "ゴゴゴゴ" (pronounced Go Go Go Go) is a rumbling sound and is most often associated with a menacing feeling.

Once you hear the song, you'll understand the name choice.

The aggressive vibe of this track should definitely have you feeling like you can punch a hole in the sun!

The single features -

1) Menacing ft. Rustage (mp3)

2) Menacing ft. Rustage (High quality WAV)

Produced by Nutty P.

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Menacing ft. Rustage

Release date : 19th May 2023

Label : DiY Gang Entertainment