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Eren Yeager Fi DEAD Single

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The GREATEST Eren Yeager diss track in the world!

Inspired by 'Attack on Titan', the critically acclaimed anime - Eren Yeager Fi DEAD is a track that pokes fun at the main character of the show but also considers questions of morality, vengeance and war.

All to an ear drum shaking beat produced by Frenk.

The official music video combines scenes from the Attack on Titan anime with panels from Shao Dow's own manga series and filmed video scenes putting him right in Eren's face with maximum slander!

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The single features -

1) Eren Yeager Fi DEAD (mp3)

2) Eren Yeager Fi DEAD  (High quality WAV)

3) Eren Yeager Fi DEAD (Clean Edit) (mp3)

4) Eren Yeager Fi DEAD  (Clean Edit) (High Quality Wav)

Produced by Frenk.

Stream it below


Eren Yeager FI DEAD

Release date : 8th April 2022

Label : DiY Gang Entertainment