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16GB Ultra Flash Drive

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Born with two heads, this humble little 16GB USB Flash Drive was laughed at and shunned by its peers.

"USB C!??" they mocked, "What nonsense! That'll never catch on!". They jeered and threw paperclips, but their little USB A compatible-only eyes hid a deep jealousy.

Still, our intrepid little hero refused to be diminished. 

Braving hoover nozzles, dust mites and at one point a cat, it journeyed to the highest place in the land and filled itself with knowledge.

So much knowledge in fact, that it transformed into the Ultra Flash Drive of legend.

Tell us more! We hear you cry.

How could we refuse?

This 16GB Ultra Flash Drive is a versatile storage device absolutely FILLED with Shao Dow content.

There's 75 of Shao's tracks packed into this little powerhouse, plus extra bonus content.

On one end is a USB A connector and on the other, a USB C connector.

Meaning that whether you have an older or newer computer, a Windows laptop or a Mac, as long as it's compatible with USB A or C, you can access the content.

And with an innovative 'shifter' design, you can hide one or both ends for added dirt and dust protection!

Plug it into your computer or USB compatible music player and you'll be treated to

  • 17 of Shao Dow's Latest Tracks
  • Cut The BullSpit (1st Album)
  • Kung Fu Hustler (2nd Album)
  • シャウ道。The Way of Shao (3rd album)
  • 3 Bonus Remix Tracks
  • The Cursey Music Video 
  • 15 Artwork Images
  • AND A Digital Sample Copy of シャウ道。The Way of Shao Manga!

If all of that wasn't enough, this is a 16GB Flash drive, use it for your own music, documents, work and more. 

Armed with unfathomable power, the Ultra Flash Drive returned to face its enemies and ... well we're not entirely sure what happened, but it's now wanted by police and could really do with you giving it a new place to hide. 


- Storage size - 16GB

- USB A and C Compatible Flash Drive

- Screen Printed Design

- Not Waterproof

- 2GB Storage Capacity

- USB A and C compatible flash drive

- Screen Printed Design

- Not Waterproof


16GB Ultra Flash Drive - Content

- Shao Dow Tracks - 

Label : DiY Gang Entertainment

  • #DropKickMan
  • BOY (Inspired By God of War)
  • Burn Out
  • Cursey
  • Eren Yeager Fi DEAD
  • Inosuke Riddim
  • Kaio-Ken
  • Levi Mode
  • Like You ft. Manga Saint Hilare
  • NANI
  • One Jump Man vs Shaggy Ball Z (Part 1)
  • One Jump Man vs Shaggy Ball Z (Part 2) ft. Kevin Bennett
  • Sephiroth (One Winged Angel)
  • Smash - Joe Grind x Shao Dow
  • Wait For The Summer (BROMIE Remix) ft. KVNG
  • Wait For The Summer ft. KVNG

    - Cut The BullSpit Album -

    Release date : Aug. 19, 2012 

    Label : DiY Gang Entertainment

    1. Cut The BullSpit Intro
    2. Posh Boy
    3. BullSpit
    4. Ignant
    5. Actin' Up ft. Zuby
    6. Get Stronger ft. Ghetts (AK Remix)
    7. The BullSpit Cutter (skit)
    8. BullSpit Remix ft. Lady Marga & MC DT
    9. No Robot ft. Raxstar & Casso Blax
    10. Rolling Blackouts
    11. R U Really Stoopid!?! ft. Meet Me At Midnight & LeeN
    12. Get Stronger ft. Ghetts
    13. Minotaur Riddim (AK Remix)
    14. Get Stronger ft. Ghetts & Vader
    15. Mind Your Business
    16. BullSpit ft. Serocee
    17. 10 Thousand CDs (Outro)


    - Kung Fu Hustler Album -

    Release date : Oct. 21, 2013 

    Label : DiY Gang Entertainment

    1. Kung Fu Hustler (Intro)
    2. Independent Power ft. Bartoven
    3. Y&P
    4. One Man Army
    5. Hustle Smart
    6. Liar
    7. Why My Brother?
    8. TTYL
    9. Can You Help Me?
    10. What That's Like ft. Sam Harrison
    11. Leap Of Faith
    12. The ShaoDow In A Box (skit)
    13. Shaolin Mode
    14. GAS MARK 10!!!
    15. I Does This ft. KK
    16. Stand and Deliver ft. Stylah & Smartz
    17. Biggest Threat ft. Zuby
    18. Assemble ft. Abiade, Rukus, Swami Baracus & Genesis Elijah
    19. Mile In My Shoes ft. Sam Harrison
    20. Bumper ft. Serocee
    21. Dreams Into Schemes ft. Mister Smith, MC Fixer & Adam Crook


    - シャウ道。The Way of Shao Album -

    Release date : Nov. 4, 2016

    Label : DiY Gang Entertainment

    1. シャウ道。Intro
    2. The Way Of Shao ft. Kelly Woods & Ricky On Guitar
    3. Go Away ft. Genesis Elijah
    4. Katana Flow
    5. Till The Casket Drops
    6. Sharingan ft. Zeph Ellis (AKA Dot Rotten)
    7. Price Of Success ft. Zuby
    8. The Rise ft. Ricky On Guitar & Life White
    9. Untouchable Heart
    10. PainTing
    11. Inferno ft. Jo Simms
    12. Right Now ft. Sam Scherdel
    13. The ShaoDow In Your Ear (Skit)
    14. Morning After Morning ft. Abiade
    15. Accent ft. McLean
    16. Vibe Up ft. Dufff, Entek, Wuzet & Smack
    17. Don't Box Me ft. Krizz Kaliko


     Additional Content

  • Cursey Music Video
  • 15 Artwork Images
  • The Way of Shao Manga - Digital Sample