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Three Dimensions Moving Art Print

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One picture, or is it three? It all depends on how you look at it...

Get ready to take your wall art collection to a whole new dimension with Shao's Three Dimensions Moving Art Print!

Featuring the 3 aspects of Shao Dow's artistry, Rapper, Manga Author and occasional Ninja. This high quality, impressive print will come to life as you change your perspective, transforming the image before your eyes.

Partner it with a frame to unlock its full potential and prepare yourself for the flowers, chocolates and thank you cards sent to you from your wall as thanks for blessing it with such magnificence.

*Disclaimer, your wall may not actually send you flowers and chocolates. You might just get a fruit basket, we cannot be held responsible for poorly chosen gifts*


- 21cm x 29.7cm

- Printed with three different images in one dependent on viewing angle

- Illustrated by Dimas Raviandra