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The Shonen Protag Deal

Signed CD or MP3 Only?

Shonen protags are characters that have true determination, a heartfelt backstory and a heroic spirit that never dies.

They ALSO have amazing music, lyrical excellence and a flow like a waterfall and if this is all wrapped up neatly within the pages of a manga book. 


You might as well just give them an anime series.

No, seriously.

Give us an anime series.

WELL, until that inevitable time comes, mix the audio and visual realms with this music and manga deal and become a Shonen Protag yourself.

**Note* we cannot be held responsible for any mortal enemies you acquire whilst out chasing your dream/finding treasure/looking for your missing relative/trying to become king of some village/forcing small animals to fight to the death/whatever the heck Bleach is about.**

Get a signed copy of シャオ道。The Way of Shao Volume 1 Manga Bookand a signed CD of  シャオ道。The Way of Shao album.

For a discounted price.

Available as either a paperback book, a physical CD AND an MP3 download or a paperback book and MP3 download.

If you have selected the CD option. The book and the album will be signed with your name of choice and sent to you, you also the MP3s as a download link sent to your chosen email address.

If you have selected the MP3 downloads. The book will be signed and posted for you and a music download link will be sent to your chosen email address.


This Deal Includes 

シャオ道。The Way Of Shao Manga - Signed

Release date: May. 15, 2018

Label : DiY Gang Entertainment

Type : Perfect Bound Paperback Book

Book length: 120 Pages

シャオ道。The Way Of Shao Album - Tracklist

Release date : Nov. 4, 2016

Label : DiY Gang Entertainment

  1. シャオ道。Intro
  2. The Way Of Shao ft. Kelly Woods & Ricky On Guitar
  3. Go Away ft. Genesis Elijah
  4. Katana Flow
  5. Till The Casket Drops
  6. Sharingan ft. Zeph Ellis (AKA Dot Rotten)
  7. Price Of Success ft. Zuby
  8. The Rise ft. Ricky On Guitar & Life White
  9. Untouchable Heart
  10. PainTing
  11. Inferno ft. Jo Simms
  12. Right Now ft. Sam Scherdel
  13. The ShaoDow In Your Ear (Skit)
  14. Morning After Morning ft. Abiade
  15. Accent ft. McLean
  16. Vibe Up ft. Dufff, Entek, Wuzet & Smack
  17. Don't Box Me ft. Krizz Kaliko