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That's MR ShaoDow To You Mixtape

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This 16 track mixtape features original tracks such as The British Are Coming, That’s MR ShaoDow and R U Stoopid!?!

As well as remixed favourites such as Cockney Thug Remix and Rap Superstar Remix.

Spaning genres including Hip Hop, Rock, Dubstep, Grime and Funky House this is Shao Dow’s very first release.


That's MR ShaoDow To You Mixtape 

Release date : Jun. 03, 2009 

Label : DiY Gang Entertainment



  1. Intro
  2. That's MR ShaoDow To You
  3. R U Stoopid!?! ft. LeeN
  4. Mouth Cancer
  5. We Live It ft. LeeN
  6. Tim£ I$ Mon£y
  7. Rap Superstar Remix
  8. DJ Barenoise (skit)
  9. Cockney Thug Remix
  10. The British Are Coming
  11. Look Out (Rock Remix) ft. Smilex
  12. I'm A... ft. Offkey
  13. Don't Sleep ft. LeeN
  14. Knock 'Em Out
  15. R U Stoopid!?! Club Remix ft. LeeN & Serocee
  16. R U Stoopid!?! Dubstep Remix ft. LeeN