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Shonen Pro Dad LIMITED EDITION Foil Art Print - Signed

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Created to celebrate the release of the Shonen Pro Dad single, only 50 copies of this limited edition art print exist.

Featuring the Shonen Pro Dad single artwork. This piece is printed on card with red foil embellishments that reflect the light, it will be signed and numbered for you.

Experience the "dad vibes" with this rare Foil Art Print!

Crafted with high quality foil and love, this bright and shiny print is sure to give you all the feels with its intricate details and sweet sentiments.

Treat yourself to a work of art that has "anime dad" written all over it!

Check Out The Shonen Pro Dad Single.


- 29.7cm x 29.7cm

-Digitally printed with silver foil additions

- Illustrated by Dimas Raviandra