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Shao道 Camo Beanies

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Camo Shark Blue
Arctic Camo White
Jungle Camo
Midnight Camo Black
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Don't you wish you could just hide from the cold weather and look super dope whilst doing it?

Well, you're in luck.

We got you covered. Literally!

The Shao道 Camo Beanie collection comes in four distinct colours,

Camo Shark Blue - boasting a strong Blue and Black camouflage design, if Sharks ever decide to grow legs and go on a rampage, this beanie is guaranteed to confuse them long enough to let you launch a counter attack.

Arctic Camo White - In a popular white and grey camouflage design. Have you ever been out and it's suddenly gotten really cold, really quickly? As if the wind just snuck up on you? Yeah... the wind was probably wearing this beanie. Sorry.

Jungle Camo - with a classic camouflage design. This is what happens when you give The Jungle covert combat training and then ask it to design a hat.

Midnight Camo Black - featuring a Black and Grey camouflage design. This stylish yet deadly beanie was abandoned on the doorstep of a dojo and trained in the way of the Ninja from an early age.

Featuring half of the Shao Dow logo embroidered on the front and the second half of the Japanese character for Bushido 武士道, the Shao道 Camo Beanies are always ready for action.

(The 道 is the 'DO' (pronounced dow or dough) from the Japanese word 武士道  'BUSHIDO' (meaning The Way of the Warrior), it also roughly translates to 'Way', so this effectively says 'Shao Dow' or 'The Way of Shao'.)


- 100% Wool

- Embroidered Design On The Front

- One Size Fits Most Heads