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The Pirate Deal

Sail the grandest of seas, or walk around your bedroom whilst reading Shao's manga book and listening to his music on a versatile 2GB USB.

Can you do them both at the same time? Should you be looking where you're going? Did you just fall down the stairs?

We don't know, also don't try to sue us.

Anyway ... get this deal!

Get a signed copy of シャオ道。The Way of Shao Volume 1 Manga Book, plus a 2GB USB A and C Music Flash Drive.

All for a discounted price.


USB Flash Drive Specs

- 2GB Storage Capacity

- USB A and C compatible Flash Drive

- Screen Printed Design

- Not Waterproof


This Deal Includes 

2GB Music Flash Drive - Content

Shao Dow Tracks : 17 

Label : DiY Gang Entertainment


  • #DropKickMan
  • BOY (Inspired By God of War)
  • Burn Out
  • Cursey
  • Eren Yeager Fi DEAD
  • Inosuke Riddim
  • Kaio-Ken
  • Levi Mode
  • Like You ft. Manga Saint Hilare
  • NANI
  • One Jump Man vs Shaggy Ball Z (Part 1)
  • One Jump Man vs Shaggy Ball Z (Part 2) ft. Kevin Bennett
  • Sephiroth (One Winged Angel)
  • Smash - Joe Grind x Shao Dow
  • Wait For The Summer (BROMIE Remix) ft. KVNG
  • Wait For The Summer ft. KVNG

     Additional Content

  • The Way of Shao Manga - Digital Sample
  • シャオ道。The Way Of Shao Manga - Signed

    Release date: May. 15, 2018

    Label : DiY Gang Entertainment

    Type : Perfect Bound Paperback Book

    Book length: 120 Pages