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Kung Fu Hustler Album

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Shao Dow’s second official album ‘Kung Fu Hustler’ is now available as a digital download or a signed physical CD.

The 21 track album features a range of genres including Hip Hop, Grime, Rock, Jazz and Dubstep and is definitely Shao’s most ambitious, most personal album to date.

With a few tracks gaining airplay on Radio One and the album itself reaching Number 31 in the iTunes Hip Hop Charts independently it’s clear to see that Shao Dow has worked hard to improve on everything he does, both musically and professionally.

Entirely funded and planned out of his own pocket and brain respectively, the challenge was to make an amazing album, rather than just a release with a few bangers padded with filler.

And with tracks like Biggest Threat, Independent Power, Leap of Faith, GAS MARK 10!!! and Shaolin Mode (a song about kicking people in the face) this is an album that you will love listening to from start to finish.


Kung Fu Hustler Album

Release date : Oct. 21, 2013 

Label : DiY Gang Entertainment



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