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ShaoGlow Glow-In-The-Dark Hoody

Following on from the success of the ShaoGlow Tees, allow us to introduce your new favourite item of clothing the ShaoGlow Glow-In-The-Dark hoodies.

With a vibrant and colourful paint splash print set against a black or white canvas, this hoody is like an explosion of creativity across the sky.

... that was super artistic right?

The hoody told us to say that.

Made from a light, breathable polyester/cotton blend material with a kangaroo pouch this is the right choice when the weather's not too warm, but it's not to cold either.

If all that wasn't enough, the Shao Dow Shao-Kanji logo (half English, half Japanese) on the front absorbs light and then glows a beautiful green in the dark.

Stand out in the day or the night.

For best effect, make sure the logos have enough time to absorb a light source before turning out the lights.


- Polyester/Cotton With A Stretchy Fit

- Glow In The Dark Vinyl Print Design 

- Sizing Guide

(chest size - to fit) S - 38-39'' M - 39-40'' L - 41-42'' XL - 43-44'' XXL - 44-45"

(length - to fit) S - 26-27" M - 27-28" L - 28-29" XL - 29" XXL - 29 - 30"

(shoulder width - to fit) S - 17" M - 18" L - 18 - 19" XL - 19-20" XXL - 20-21"

(sleeve length - to fit) S - 24" M - 24-25" L - 25" XL - 25-26" XXL - 25-26"

- Care Instructions: Machine Washable (Turn Inside Out, Best Washed Cold), Do Not Tumble Dry or Iron Directly On The Design.




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