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ShaoGlow Burn Out Tee


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To celebrate the launch of Shao's Burn Out Single, the Shao Glow Burn Out Tee hits the DiY Gang Online Store.

With a black leopard like design on the fabric this T Shirt is dark and wild.

Featuring half of Shao's logo in English and the other half in Japanese, turn the lights out and become the centre of attention as the logo shines with an unearthly glow.

Whether it's day or night, you can be sure that the ShaoGlow Burn Out Tee will help you brighten up any room.

For best effect, make sure the logos have enough time to absorb a light source before turning out the lights.

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- Polyester, Wicking Fabric With A Stretchy Fit

- Glow In The Dark Vinyl Print Design 

- Sizing Guide (chest size - to fit) S - 34'' M - 38'' L - 42'' XL - 46'' XXL - 50" 3XL - 54"

- Care Instructions: Machine Washable (Turn Inside Out, Best Washed Cold), Do Not Tumble Dry or Iron Directly On The Design.

Shao Dow - Wait For The Summer Single Artwork



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