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Shao道 Denim & Suede Peak SnapBack

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Blue Denim
Black Denim
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These SnapBacks are Denim AND Suede!


They look so good!

They feel SO good!

We're not even sure we want to sell these to you right now.

Might keep them all for ourselves.

BUT we're not selfish here, so we're still going to offer these awesome caps to you (begrudgingly).

These hats have a washed cotton denim-like body with a faux suede peak, featuring the Shao-Kanji Logo half in English, half in Japanese brilliantly embroidered on the front and available in 2 different colours.

If you like elite and exclusive, these SnapBacks are for you.

 (The 道 is the 'DO' (pronounced dow or dough) from the Japanese word 武士道  'BUSHIDO' (meaning The Way of the Warrior), it also roughly translates to 'Way', so this effectively says 'Shao Dow' or 'The Way of Shao'.)


- Cotton & Faux Suede

- Embroidered Design On The Front

- One Size Fits Most Heads