ShaoDow FlashBand

You love the music, but you have nothing to play a CD on.

We've heard you and we've listened!

So now we bring you the ShaoDow FlashBands, a wearable USB Flash Drive filled with ShaoDow's music.

Plug it into your computer or music player and you'll be treated to ShaoDow's 3rd album 'シャウ道。The Way of Shao', three exclusive remixes, two of Shao's latest music videos AND a digital copy of シャウ道。The Way of Shao Manga book.

If all of that wasn't enough, this is a 2GB Flash drive, use it for your own music, documents, work and more. 

Wrap the FlashBand around your wrist and house it in its protective enclosure and you now have a stylishly simple way to carry your flash drive with you, meaning you'll always have an option when it comes to data storage.


- Storage size - 2GB

- Silicon Wristband combined with a USB flash drive

- Screen Printed Design

- Not Waterproof



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