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The ShaoDow In A Box

As advertised by Buck Freedom, our DiY Gang Industries Representative (Texas Division).

The ShaoDow In A Box is now here and exclusively available for you, Yes YOU to own right now!!

A beautifully designed box, it has been painstakingly crafted to be efficient, aerodynamic and deadly.

Now available in a range of colours with leather and snakeskin carry cases (sold separately for stupid prices).

You will enjoy your new found social status as your friends, neighbours and enemies marvel at the hand-crafted wooden finish of the box and the pure ivory turning handle just before they are kicked in the face by Shao Dow.

For the low low LOW price of £20,527.17 (plus postage and packaging) you'll be putting heel to nose quicker than you can say “What’s that weird box do?”


Unfortunately, due to high demand The ShaoDow In A Box is currently sold out.

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Sold Out