Shao道 Blizzard Bobble Beanie

The perfect combination of style and bobble, the Shao Blizzard Bobble Beanie (try saying that three times fast!) is a warm and wooly head piece with a uniquely stylish design.

You should know by now that we like cool things at this store!

Available in 3 wonderfully winter designs, pick your favourite, then pick your second favourite, heck take them all.

Have one for every day of the week.

... assuming your week begins on Friday and ends on Sunday.

Featuring half of the ShaoDow logo embroidered on the front and the second half of the Japanese character for Bushido 武士道 (Basically reading ShaoDow or The Way Of Shao).

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- 100% Wool

- Embroidered Design On The Front

- One Size Fits Most Heads

Blue/White Bobble
Black/Red Bobble
Grey/Black Bobble



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