Shao道 Bobble Beanie

This Shao Beanie features a bobble.

We're not entirely sure what it does. 

We think it keeps you safe from bears. 

We haven't seen any bears whilst wearing it, so we are 90% sure it works.

The Shao Bobble Beanie is a Winter Hat, A Cold Summer Hat, A Spring Hat, An Autumn Hat and Yes, even a bobble head convention hat.

Featuring half of the ShaoDow logo embroidered on the front and the second half of the Japanese character for Bushido 武士道 (Basically reading ShaoDow) the Shao Bobble Beanie is another great way to show your ShaoDow support.


- 100% Wool

- Embroidered Design On The Front

- One Size Fits Most Heads

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