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シャオ道。The Way Of Shao - Album

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Shao Dow's third album. The culmination of 2 years of hard work, creativity and career progression condensed into audio form and then thrown at you like a Ninja Star.

If you're talking music, prepare for Hip Hop, Grime, Rock, Jazz and oh so much Bass.

Talking Lyricism, Flow, Delivery? How about Originality? 

You will soon hear that this is undoubtably Shao's greatest work to date. 

With favourites including Accent (Debuted on Radio 1), Katana Flow, Till The Casket Drops (BBC 1xtra Playlisted), Sharingan, The Rise and The Way Of Shao.

Features from Papoose, Krizz Kaliko (Strange Music), McLean, Genesis Elijah and Zeph Ellis (Dot Rotten), production from Phase 2, Scarz, Ricky On Guitar, Sam Scherdel & Ryujin.

In short. It's Dope!

And if all that wasn't enough, you get the first half of Shao Dow's manga book The Way Of Shao Manga included on the CD version of the album. 


シャ 道。The Way Of Shao Album 

Release date : Nov. 4, 2016

Label : DiY Gang Entertainment 




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