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Shao道 Black Storm Beanie

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The Shao道 Black Beanie's job is to keep your head warm.

And it takes its job very seriously.

Some people might say a bit too seriously.

But THOSE people currently have cold heads and are clearly feeling bitter about it.

Featuring half of the Shao Dow logo embroidered on the front and the second half of the Japanese character for Bushido 武士道 this beanie is another great way to show your Shao Dow support.

An all black beanie, this hat is ready to heat your journey through the bitter days and the coldest nights.

Be unique and warm at the same time.

(The 道 is the 'DO' (pronounced dow or dough) from the Japanese word 武士道  'BUSHIDO' (meaning The Way of the Warrior), it also roughly translates to 'Way', so this effectively says 'Shao Dow' or 'The Way of Shao'.)


- 100% Wool

- Embroidered Design On The Front

- One Size Fits Most Heads