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ShaoDow (pronounced Sha-ow-dough) is the very definition of a DiY Artist. At age 18 he travelled alone to China in order to learn Shaolin Kung Fu.

It was there that he discovered a true love for the art of music and lyricism. This love grew with him throughout his time in university. Graduating with a Law Degree he made the bold, albeit risky decision to become a full-time rapper and music business entrepreneur.

Unwilling to wait for the industry to ‘discover’ him ShaoDow has travelled the UK, Europe and Asia performing, promoting his music and turning DiY Gang Entertainment into a business most small record labels would envy.

Blessed with the Shaolin drive for success, ShaoDow has sold over 20,000 copies of his albums to date. He made history as the first independent UK rapper to release his own wireless headphone brand and co-owns The Blue and Purple store, the first artist run pop-up shop selling a range of his music, merchandise and headphones in major shopping centres around the country.

His music is as different as his journey, a multi-genre artist, ShaoDow is known for his intelligent, witty, often razor sharp lyricism mixed with hard hitting, bass driven, commercial sounding beats. His ability to rap on nearly any genre including; Hip-Hop, Dubstep, Rock, Grime, House and Jazz has helped him gain support and attention from a wide range of music listeners.

Constantly striving for success, Shao has performed at major festivals such as Reading and Leeds and Hip Hop Kemp in the Czech Republic. He has had airplay on UK stations such as Radio One, Kiss FM, BBC 6Music and 1xtra, opened for artists such as Tech N9ne, The Pharcyde, Akala, Stormzy Wiley and Skepta and was nominated for The Hardest Working Artist Award at The AIM Independent Music Awards 2016.

If all that wasn’t enough, ShaoDow also visits schools and colleges in order to deliver The DiY Gang Masterclass an interactive workshop aiming to inspire young people into creative greatness.

His upcoming album ‘ シャウ道。- The Way of Shao’ is set to be his most powerful release to date. Building on the success of his first and second albums (‘Cut The BullSpit’ and ‘Kung Fu Hustler’ respectively) Shao has been working tirelessly to create his next masterpiece.

Not satisfied with just a new album however, the ninja rapper will also be releasing a manga series of the same name. An original story set in a world where music can be used to battle opponents, シャウ道。The Way of Shao Manga is easily one of his most ambitious projects to date.

When it comes to live performances, ShaoDow is a professional and talented artist, he has headlined the O2 Academy Oxford, upstaged acts at Rock and Jazz nights, packed out tents at festivals and toured some of the biggest clubs the UK has to offer.

With an unrivalled, high energy stage show and a bit of live Kung Fu he is definitely not one to miss.

The DiY Gang Online Store features a wide range of original music and merchandise designed and funded by ShaoDow. Anything you buy here will directly help support his independent career.


At the heart of it all, ShaoDow is an independent artist with an unstoppable drive and passion for his art. Ultimately, he is proof of what you can achieve if you’re willing to get up, get out and Do It Yourself.


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